Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My beautiful life currently consists of:


Bon Iver



Being Brave

Breaking Bad



Blue Skies





Basketball games


Being barefoot


Did this post remind anyone of the Berenstains' Bears 'B' Book? Its a classic. Anyways, things are so fun and chill lately. I'm loving spring term so much more than I thought. 

Life has also consisted of mountains, postcards, quirky films in Park City, sunsets, pomegranate herbal tea, reconnecting with old friends, trying new recipes, listening to jazz, dreaming of places I'm going to travel some day, playing frisbee, eating almonds and apples, being spontaneous, writing letters, laughing hysterically, riding my bike, doing lots of research, and dancing. But those didn't fit in with my 'B' theme. 

I'll leave ya with an awesome quote from the book I'm reading for my current research project:

" Hapiness isn't a knock of good fortune that we must await, like the end of rainy season. Neither is it something that we must find, like a freeway exit or a lost wallet, if only we knew the secret path and if only we could acquire the right job or the right boyfriend. Interestingly, the notion that happiness must be found is so pervasive that even the familiar phrase pursuit of happiness implies that happiness is an object that one has to chase or discover. I don't like that phrase. I prefer to think of the creation or construction of happiness, because research shows that it's in our power to fashion it for ourselves."
- Sonja Lyubomirsky The How of Happiness

So go out there and create some happiness, you beautiful people, you! 

p.s. Dad I hope you are reading this and caught that last part. It reminded me of you :)

love, kel