Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18 4:08 PM

I probably deserve the 'worst blogger ever' award. seriously, its been forever.

Despite the lack of updating in the past few months, today's post is about random stuff. I guess sometimes we all just need to get our insignificant thoughts out, rather than focusing on the deeper, more important ones. I promise i'll be better with updating and pretty soon i'll be making my study abroad/india blog that you all can follow! :)

I. My hair is getting really long. Do i want to cut it? no. Will i probably just leave it till I get back from india looking like one of those women who probably use their hair to wipe their counters? maybe.

okay okay its not THAT long.

II. Someone confused my 15 year old sister and I for twins again today. Come on now. 
III. I just started reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave -- heard it was really good and eventually caved in to peer pressure. 

IV. Playing piano both comforts and challenges me. I think everyone needs a hobby/talent that they can do and entirely lose track of time. Everyone needs a little passion in their lives. 

V. As for my harmonica skills, still embarrassingly rusty. But that's okay :)

VI. I'm lovin so you think you can dance this season. Especially when i watch it with Brittany Wood and we skip all of the judges comments and watch the dances twice. Reminds me why I love dance. In fact, (this is kind of embarrassing) sometimes when I'm watching dancing shows, my feet twitch every couple minutes. Weird but true, maybe it means something! 

hmm. maybe not.

VII. As you already know, I love yoga. This summer I've gotten more into hot vinyasa yoga (where they turn the temperature wayy up). So basically its a room full of sweaty people doing strange poses and breathing like darth vader. Somehow its still pretty relaxing. Try it!

VIII. Most of the pants I own currently either have chalk or bubble soap on them from all the babysitting I've been doing recently. Time to do some laundry. 

IX. July 8th - Jack's Mannequin & Lady Danville. So stoked. 

X. Its SO nice having my brother home. Even though he's back to school in Provo now, I love being able to talk to him whenever I want. Look how much he grew up!



XI. I love owls.

Till Next time.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

pretty distractons

I'm currently putting 98% of my brain power into studying for my gender psychology class, but I wanted to take a break and blog about something fun and lovey. 

Even in my mental cloud of assignments, finals, reading, and making study guides, I've started to notice some of the first signs of spring. It gives me hope, and reminds me that I won't be living in the library forever. In fact, I'm leaving provo in 6 days, and won't be back until January, 2012. So, in light of the one thing keeping me sane right now, this is my picture list of things I love about spring. :)

You better believe i'm gonna try to replicate that owl easter egg :)

love kel

Friday, April 8, 2011

Songs for a rainy day..

When its been rainy and cold for a couple days straight, when you're still a solid week and 4 days away from home, and when you feel like putting on sweats and a big sweater and curling up in a ball, theres nothing that feels quite as perfect as some sad mello music.

Now I hate to brag, but my roommate Emma and I have pretty much mastered the art of sad songs & mellow atmosphere. We should win an award or something. Not everyone appreciates purposefully listening to songs that make them cry, but for us, if we're not going to be giggly and happy, we might as well be super emo. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have no less than 4 "sad songs" playlists on my itunes.


Anyways, I was feeling really mellow before I found that picture. Now I can't stop laughing to myself. But I still want to provide a solid list of sad songs that are Kelly classics (I've liked em for years). If I were to write them all down, it would just be obnoxious. here it goes..

  1. Throw me a rope- KT Tunstall 
  2. Fix you, the scientist, green eyes & till kingdom come - Coldplay (those are 3 seperate songs)
  3. Hammers & strings- Jack's Mannequin
  4. Almost anything by John Mayer
  5. Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood
  6. After the midnight show - the academy is
  7. I will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
  8. Nightminds - Missy Higgins
  9. Samson - Regina Spektor
  10. First Day of My Life - bright eyes
  11. See you soon - coldplay
  12. You are Goodbye - Holly Conlan
  13. Getting into you - reliat k
  14. You belong to me - Jason Wade 
  15. The Best Deceptions - Dashboard Confessional
  16. Near to you - a Fine Frenzy
  17. Vienna - The Fray
  18. Angel - Jack Johnson
  19. Giving Up - Ingrid Michaelson
  20. Details in the Fabric - Jason Mraz
  21. Tired Magician - Lady Danville
  22. Car Crash - Matt Nathanson
  23. Painter Song -Norah Jones

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

thats how you know

When its only tuesday and your week already looks like this...

When you've resorted to eating a combination of canned corn, black beans, and cottage cheese for lunch 3 days in a row..

When you don't mind getting a 2nd degree burn because it means you can use one of the owl band-aids your roommate gave you for your birthday...

And especially when you submit a 15 page paper with your name spelled wrong on it...

You know that its time for the semester to just end already.

Monday, April 4, 2011

ABCs of Me

It seems these days that all bloggers do one of these surveys from time to time. I decided that Id get back in the groove of things by doing this one. Here you go!

ABCs of me

Age: 19. Still getting used to saying more year as a teenager!

Bed size: here in utah, i have a twin but back at home its bigger..tho i'm not sure exactly. I want to say full?

Country you'd like to visit: I don't know..i'm pretty stoked about going to INDIA this fall.

Doppleganger: my little sister! Although i hate to admit it, some have mistaken us as twins. Other than that.. people tell me I look like Heather Graham.

Essential start to your day: Solid breakfast, reading blogs, and checking e-mail

Favorite animal:  Definitely owls. Most of my friends know that I take the love for owls to a whole new crazy level.

Gold or silver:  Depends...but lately i'm feelin the gold.

Happiest moment today: skyping with michael in the sunshine :)

 I promise we were happy...but i only took one screen shot. Doesn't he look sharp? :)

Instrument you play: Piano and I pretend like i'm good at harmonica sometimes

Job title: student..but going crazy trying to find a job for this summer.

Kids: LOVE EM! Some day in the FAR future i'll be a mommy

Live: Provo Utah. but not for long! Heading home to Ashburn Virginia for the summer :)

Mountains or Beach?: ooh toughy. I can sincerely appreciate both..however, i'm currently looking forward to some upcoming beach trips this summer. And i practically live in the mountains.

This is when I climbed one.

Nicknames: Eh..I've had some random ones. My current favorites are: kelbel, Emilia, and Anastasia. (last two kinda have a story behind them)

Overnight hospital stays: None.

Parents: Brilliant, funny, and adventurous. I love and respect them more than anyone.

Oh yeah..and they're super attractive

Quote from a movie: sooo many. The first one that came to mind right now was one from mean girls where Damian is talking about Gretchen. "Thats why her hair is so big..its full of secrets" hehe

Righty or lefty: Righty!

Siblings: One older brother and one younger sister. We're pretty much best friends and I love them SO much.

I know i've posted this picture so many times..i just love it THAT much

Time you wake up: weekdays, 7:30/8:00ish weekends, depends! This past summer, I woke up at 4:45 almost everyday. Crazy I know.

Underwear: Its a wonderful thing.

Vegetables you like: ALL :) Currently loving the broccoli and zuchinni.

Weather preference: ooh hmmm...i'm gonna say 70 degrees and that time of day when the sun is starting to go down and its really bright and happy.

X-rays you've had: Ma ugly broken finger and random teeth ones. I was going to post a picture..but its just too ugly.

Yummy food you make: I made some red velvet cookies this weekend over skype with Mface and I think they turned out pretty tasty! Found the recipe here.

Zesty thing about you: what does this even mean? I like latin ballroom dance. Is that zesty enough for you?

yay! well there are the ABCs of me. Have a happy monday!

love, kel

Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Things Friday

Happy Happy Friday :)

First of all, I know you're proud of me that this is my third blog post this week. Makin progress!

Thought I'd share a few things keepin me happy this week:

1. Band of Horses

I've liked this band for a while..but I've been listening to them a lot this week. Favorite songs currently? Our swords & the funeral. Go listen :)
2. My new george foreman grill

Makes making chicken super easy so I can actually eat real food instead of toast and yogurt all the time.  Bought mine with the amazon gift card I got from living social. Sweet deal.

3. Ashley Kuroiwa

Ohh Ashley. Good friend. Anthro/psych buddy. Dang awesome ukulele player. 
It was Ashley's 20th birthday this week! We went out for sushi to celebrate on tuesday night..and somehow she talked me into trying eel sushi. Even though I was gagging a little bit and I will probably never eat sushi again, I was glad I tried it. Ashley and I also jam on the reg - her on the ukulele, me on the voice (she sings with me sometimes) and every once in a while i'm brave and play my harmonica. She puts up with my weirdness, especially when I make up unfortunate nicknames for her. 
Love you Ash!

4. Mom & Dad pep talks

Who doesn't need a good pep talk from the padres every once in a while? Seriously these two are some of the funnest, smartest, and most insightful people you'll meet. Plus they're loving and experienced. This is a picture of them on their recent trip to ARUBA. They always know the right things to say to make me feel like I can take on the world. 
5. Andes Mints

Not only are they delicious, (I love minty chocolaty things) but I also got a ton of them from my best friend/boyfriend michael..along with a bunch of other really awesome stuff. He's so stinkin thoughtful. Getting stuff in the mail is the best.. so getting this from him totally made my week. Just sayin', I'm a lucky girl.

My parents got him the hat for christmas :)


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why do I love yoga so dang much?

I love thursdays.
You know why? Because I am completely booked monday-wednesday, busy busy all day. Thursday means calming down, enjoying a more chill day, and doing things i randomly want/need to do.
As for today?
I did a major deep clean of my entire side of the room (closet/drawers/desk) & laundry. My room is a billion percent more pleasant to be in now. Theres nothing like a clean, organized room to make ya feel good.

Well, after I was finally done with that somewhat drawn-out task and I was taking in the beauty of my neat space, I felt that familiar urge to do yoga. Strange? not recently:) I guess you can say I've joined the yoga bandwagon.

Ever since I added yoga to my list of weekly gym activities, i've become SUCH a fan! Not only does it make me feel so 'zen'/peaceful and happy, but i've gotten a lot more flexible and have strengthened certain areas I probably would have otherwise neglected. It is seriously THE BEST way to end the day. Especially if you're able to get really calm and focus on your breath and body throughout. (harder than it sounds, especially if you have a rambling mind like mine)

So maybe i'm not quite this good yet:
But maybe someday? All I know is that I always look forward to it and seek out opportunities to do it. I want to try lots of different types, including hot yoga (sounds..interesting)

Well another great week is drawing to a close. Utah is freakishly cold but my little heart is warm and full of happiness and love:) Till next time!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In case you didn't know...

K so i've been super bad at updating lately. Mostly because life has been so chaotic! However, within the past few weeks of running around like a crazy woman..a lot of exciting stuff has happened. The one I am most excited about is that....

I'm doing study abroad in India for Fall semester!!

basically, the program i'm doing is half study abroad, half field study, which means i'll be taking classes as well as doing a research project. 

There are about 15 people in the program with me, all of which will be taking a block class starting in late February (so we'll know each other before we get there)

I'm pretty stoked about pretty much everything about this. I can't wait to experience it!

yes. I have freaked out about this for the past week and a half. yes. I am overwhelmed and excited at the same time. no. i had never heard of telugu (the language we're learning there) before I applied. yes. I have considered counting out how many days I have left until I get to go. 
Lucky for me, I have so much to look forward to BEFORE then as well. 
- this entire semester, which is filled with cool classes, fun people, and lotsa work!
- My brother getting home in June. can't wait to see him!
- (hopefully) an awesome job over the summer 
-spending all of my extra time over the summer with my michael 
who wouldn't want to spend time with that?

Anyways, my february goal is to blog at least twice a week. Think I can do it? :) 

till next time!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things I think are beautiful

Happy 2011!!
There is so much beauty in this world..I thought I'd share a few things I find beautiful.

1. fashion drawing --I want to be able to draw/paint like this so badly. I will learn! 

2. My sister, Taylor. Absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I love this girl more than i can ever say.

3. Flowy, short sleeved wedding dresses (i girly of me)

4. Bikes/biking/bikers - I love biking both casually and for exercise and I love the idea of helping out the environment and our wallets by biking whenever we can. Too bad theres ice all over the roads right now and i can't ride mine :(

5. Dancers and Dancing in general

6. Cats, especially panthers

7. Scarves--I just can't get enough of em. And yes I think guys should wear them :)

(got this one from tay for Christmas)

8. Families (i love my family)


9. collarbones--not sure why but i think they are beautiful

10.  Being in love 

Well this post put me in a really great mood:)