Thursday, April 14, 2011

pretty distractons

I'm currently putting 98% of my brain power into studying for my gender psychology class, but I wanted to take a break and blog about something fun and lovey. 

Even in my mental cloud of assignments, finals, reading, and making study guides, I've started to notice some of the first signs of spring. It gives me hope, and reminds me that I won't be living in the library forever. In fact, I'm leaving provo in 6 days, and won't be back until January, 2012. So, in light of the one thing keeping me sane right now, this is my picture list of things I love about spring. :)

You better believe i'm gonna try to replicate that owl easter egg :)

love kel

1 comment:

  1. oh my word kelly these are like the cutest darn pictures i have ever seen! i am obsessed with that little bunny picture!
    ps how weird is it to think that we wont be back to byu until january 2012...that seems so far away!