Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What I'm listening to lately...

And much more..those are just my favorites of the moment :)

have a lovely tuesday!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm resolving to blog more. hold me to it people..don't let me fail! 

Well today was the first day back from thanksgiving break, which was interesting to say the least. It started off so beautifully...having michael here was amazing. The time flew by all too quickly. Good thing winter break is coming up soon.

 Following that I had some good times with my grandparents, watched a lot of sports, and made it to Moab in the -14 degree weather.

I also was missing my immediate family hard core..but unfortunately 1 of them is still busy being a missionary in Texas..and the other 3 decided to go on a cruise without me. No worries! Still love you guys :)

I absolutely love this picture..i probably use it way too much :)

Less than three weeks till I get to be back to my home in Virginia. I am SO siked. ah.

and i get to see this lovely lady! just look at her!

For now, I just gotta make it through the finals and the snow and the craziness. i can do this!

And now for more cheesy lovey pictures that i happened upon in the past little while.

i really want this sweater. weird?


Thursday, November 18, 2010

In attempt to define

So many reasons to be happy today :) I thought i'd share some random pictures in celebration. 

Have a lovely weekend


Monday, November 8, 2010

And she's back..

So sorry its been a while..had a little bit of a rough case of mono. Seems like this is the time of year where everyone gets sick. Not fun..but i was sitting in Humanities class today, learning about hell from dante's inferno, and I realized that there are a lot of good things going on lately, despite the mono and the fact that I left my computer charger at the hotel this weekend. Everyone appreciates a good list, so here it goes, the random good things going on for me right now:

1. I really love all of my classes this semester.  I don't know how I got so lucky, but i honestly love every class that I'm taking this semester. I never dread going to any of them, and several of them I even look forward to.  Crazy eh? It makes such a difference when you have really great professors, a rockin awesome schedule, and interesting material to ponder outside of class. I know..i'm such a nerd.

2. It is November 8th..which means I am in full swing of my annual obsession with the band The Early November. Fitting right? True, in a week or so i'll move on to something new or different, but its always nice to appreciate some of my all time favorite songs that haven't hit any of my new playlists in a while.

3. Michael is coming in 10 days!
Words pretty much can't describe how excited I am to see him. :)

4. This week, i'm pretending like I don't have mono. I mean..i'm still gonna take care of myself (don't worry mom) but basically I won't have that 'i'm sick' mentality. It gets kinda lame after a while anyways.  Maybe that whole self-fulfulling-prophesy thing will work and I'll just end up totally better!

5. I got a position as a research assistant last week! I've been totally wanting this for a while so I was really excited when the opportunity came up. This is a really important step for eventually applying to grad school, so i'm feelin pretty accomplished/excited. I'm still working out exactly what i'll be researching..but its gonna be great:)

6. Even though I live only about 40 minutes away, I haven't really spent that much time in downtown salt lake city until this weekend. I've been there a bunch of times but never really spent time just 'hanging out', so I never really learned to appreciate how AWESOME it is! I feel like it totally fits with the urban/indie yet outdoorsy/granola and artsy vibe that I love. Goal of the rest of college: find more excuses to spend time in Salt Lake City.

7. Two weekends ago, I went with my roommate to get our eyebrows threaded. Not waxed, not plucked, but threaded. We went to this really cute Indian woman's house...and I'm still not exactly sure what she did, but it involved some threads, a decent amount of pain, and lots of loose eyebrows all over my face. However, when it was all over, I was pretty pleased with the results. True, my eyebrows are now about half the size they used to be, but i'm likin' it! I might have to go back when they start getting crazy again. :)

8. As stupid as it can be, I absolutely love saturday night live..and now its back in season. Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson..ahh i can't get enough :)

9. While I was realizing my new love for Salt Lake City, I also realized my love for ivy...especially ivy in autumn when its all red and cool and stuff.  It was growing on a lot of the buildings downtown and looked so pretty! When i have a house of my own, its gotta have at least a little bit of ivy growin' on it.

10. Only about 6 weeks left until I go home to Virginia!! I love school and I love it here in Utah, but theres nothing like my home land and my family and the holidays. can't wait :)

I miss my little freak