Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm resolving to blog more. hold me to it people..don't let me fail! 

Well today was the first day back from thanksgiving break, which was interesting to say the least. It started off so beautifully...having michael here was amazing. The time flew by all too quickly. Good thing winter break is coming up soon.

 Following that I had some good times with my grandparents, watched a lot of sports, and made it to Moab in the -14 degree weather.

I also was missing my immediate family hard core..but unfortunately 1 of them is still busy being a missionary in Texas..and the other 3 decided to go on a cruise without me. No worries! Still love you guys :)

I absolutely love this picture..i probably use it way too much :)

Less than three weeks till I get to be back to my home in Virginia. I am SO siked. ah.

and i get to see this lovely lady! just look at her!

For now, I just gotta make it through the finals and the snow and the craziness. i can do this!

And now for more cheesy lovey pictures that i happened upon in the past little while.

i really want this sweater. weird?


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