Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18 4:08 PM

I probably deserve the 'worst blogger ever' award. seriously, its been forever.

Despite the lack of updating in the past few months, today's post is about random stuff. I guess sometimes we all just need to get our insignificant thoughts out, rather than focusing on the deeper, more important ones. I promise i'll be better with updating and pretty soon i'll be making my study abroad/india blog that you all can follow! :)

I. My hair is getting really long. Do i want to cut it? no. Will i probably just leave it till I get back from india looking like one of those women who probably use their hair to wipe their counters? maybe.

okay okay its not THAT long.

II. Someone confused my 15 year old sister and I for twins again today. Come on now. 
III. I just started reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave -- heard it was really good and eventually caved in to peer pressure. 

IV. Playing piano both comforts and challenges me. I think everyone needs a hobby/talent that they can do and entirely lose track of time. Everyone needs a little passion in their lives. 

V. As for my harmonica skills, still embarrassingly rusty. But that's okay :)

VI. I'm lovin so you think you can dance this season. Especially when i watch it with Brittany Wood and we skip all of the judges comments and watch the dances twice. Reminds me why I love dance. In fact, (this is kind of embarrassing) sometimes when I'm watching dancing shows, my feet twitch every couple minutes. Weird but true, maybe it means something! 

hmm. maybe not.

VII. As you already know, I love yoga. This summer I've gotten more into hot vinyasa yoga (where they turn the temperature wayy up). So basically its a room full of sweaty people doing strange poses and breathing like darth vader. Somehow its still pretty relaxing. Try it!

VIII. Most of the pants I own currently either have chalk or bubble soap on them from all the babysitting I've been doing recently. Time to do some laundry. 

IX. July 8th - Jack's Mannequin & Lady Danville. So stoked. 

X. Its SO nice having my brother home. Even though he's back to school in Provo now, I love being able to talk to him whenever I want. Look how much he grew up!



XI. I love owls.

Till Next time.


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  1. yay more news from Kelly! We need to skype update soon - but I love that you're doing awesome! Super cute background btw. India, I assume?
    Love you!