Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things I think are beautiful

Happy 2011!!
There is so much beauty in this world..I thought I'd share a few things I find beautiful.

1. fashion drawing --I want to be able to draw/paint like this so badly. I will learn! 

2. My sister, Taylor. Absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I love this girl more than i can ever say.

3. Flowy, short sleeved wedding dresses (i girly of me)

4. Bikes/biking/bikers - I love biking both casually and for exercise and I love the idea of helping out the environment and our wallets by biking whenever we can. Too bad theres ice all over the roads right now and i can't ride mine :(

5. Dancers and Dancing in general

6. Cats, especially panthers

7. Scarves--I just can't get enough of em. And yes I think guys should wear them :)

(got this one from tay for Christmas)

8. Families (i love my family)


9. collarbones--not sure why but i think they are beautiful

10.  Being in love 

Well this post put me in a really great mood:)



  1. awww, Kelly you are adorable! :) You have great taste too, by the way.

  2. whoooa where did you get that picture of the baby foot pregnant belly?!