Thursday, December 16, 2010

fist pump & festivities


I am officially DONE with fall semester. Thats right friends and neighbors, I took my last final and now do not have to even think about school for the rest of the year! True thats only like 2 weeks..but thats okay! I'm pretty sure I got As in all of my classes except one B which ironically is my religion one. But I've chosen not to dwell on things of the past.

Anyways, so walking home from my test, I was so freakin happy about being done, I played 'like a G6' twice. Not sure what compelled me to do that..but it felt pretty fantastic. In my head I was planning some type of epic entrance into my apartment, expecting all of my roommates to be awaiting my victorious return, but I turned the handle of our front door and ended up body slamming it. dang it...locked. So instead of fist pumping my way through the door like a champ, I waited outside in the cold until I got a hold of my roommated, emily, to borrow her key. so not impressive. Oh well I guess..maybe i'll get a second chance when going into my house back home for the first time.

So luckily I got over my disappointment quickly and continued with my plan of celebration.
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

So tasty and easy! All you need is:

1 box Spice cake mix
Can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
bag of semisweet chocolate chips

mix it all together, and throw it on a cookie sheet. bake for about 10 minutes and enjoy!

Although I'm super happy to be done with finals and such, I am soo anxious to get home to Virginia, my family, my house, my friends, and my boy.

10 Things I'm dyingg to get home and do:

10. Hug everyone

I know this is my third semester being across the country from home but I still can't get over how long it is to be away from my family. I can't wait to spend copious amounts of time watching movies, making/eating food, and playing vicious nerts with my crazy family. 

9. Sleep in my own bed

Don't get me wrong..the beds here at lib square are decent..but they cannot compete with mine back home..that this picture doesn't do justice to. 
8. Being able to drive ENRIQUE

Yesss this is something i miss a lot when i'm at school- having a car. I love being able to pretty much get up and go whenever I want. Its easy to take for granted when you have it...but I'm suuuper grateful for it.

7.  eat the FOOD

I make really basic food for myself out here aka eggs, sandwiches, wraps, more eggs. So I appreciate real food sooo much more when I go home and i'm looking forward to not eating hot chocolate and cottage cheese for breakfast like I have for the past 3 days. (I kid you not)

6. Play a real piano

I'm currently borrowing my brothers keyboard in our apartment..and while its nice and cannot even compare to a real piano like the one we have at home. I'm not a legit piano player..I just know how to play and LOVE spending time learning new songs and sightreading stuff.

5. Seeing high school friends

What can I say? I miss em! 

4. Blast music/sing loudly with my sister Taylor

We're rockstars. Bet ya didn't know. 

 3.  Babysitting this little cutie

 suuuper unattractive picture of me.. but i love this little guy and I'm exicted to babysit him and his siter over break! I used to babysit all the time..but now i just do every once in a while for them.

2. Family time/holiday traditions

this is such an awesome/lovey time of year. I love all of our fun/crazy family traditions and i especially just love being with my family since I can't as much anymore.

1. you guessed it...

I'm beyond excited to spend time with this goof ball. 
What are you excited for? Are you done with finals? Whats goin on? 

till next time!


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