Monday, December 6, 2010

The real 12 days of christmas..

Seeing as the 12 days of christmas is a weird song about things I can't relate to, i've decided to remake my own 12 days in spirit of having a million things to do and wishing i was home sitting under a christmas tree eating good food. Don't tell me you can't relate :)

1st day of Christmas-those really awesome christmas sweaters that people like to plan parties around now. I especially love the enthusiasm.

 2. Paper Snowflakes!! We just made a bunch this weekend and hung them up in our apartment.

3. Tasty Peppermint Bark (especially when it is made with Brittany Wood)

4. Homemade pasta-family tradition that I am obsessed with. SO GOOD

5. Those christmas minty nougat things (no clue what they're called)

6. Picking out a christmas tree! (missed out on that this worries fam i forgive you)

7. Muppet Christmas Carol- silly cheesy yet totally awesome. We watch it every single year.

8. Christmas lights in DC. Havent been to see them in a while but they're pretty and I love DC. :)

9. Crazy Christmas shoppers that practically run you over

Just kidding i hate that. 

9. Playing through Christmasy music on the piano for hours :)

10. Snuggling with my small fry

11. Secret Santa Parties! 

12. Just being really excited in general

Good luck with finals and such! We can do this!



  1. oh my word kelly this is so cute! and really funny because i was working on almost the exact same post! it is slightly different but has the same concepts nonetheless!

  2. YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Can I be you. I loved reading this post so much...the peppermint bark made me hungry and I love the Christmas sweater photo.
    About the caffeine..... I personally don't have it and I noticed a huge difference when I quit drinking 2 liters of diet coke a day ha. I felt so much better and I even lost weight.
    About the faces....I never notice ha....I have bad eyes. The only thing I ever notice is when we have a stinky boy in there...ewww! I love it when you come to my class. Can we be friends in real life?!?!