Thursday, December 2, 2010


So while I was running yesterday, It dawned on me how amazing our bodies are. All the amazing things we can do and be because of the intricate and powerful tool we possess that is our body.  It is something I most definitely take for granted. A lot of people get caught up in why their body is wrong. Our muscles arent strong enough, our hair isn't the right texture, our skin is too dry, our lips aren't 'angelina jolie' enough. I think we often forget to truly realize and appreciate how much our bodies CAN do. Heck, without even thinking, we complete extremely complicated processes involving enzymes and muscles and DNA and organs we forgot we even had. We can run for miles, watch a sunset, wrap our arms around someone we love, smile at our friends, laugh at the silly irony of life, create increddible things... including other people! Amazes me. 

Today I am so grateful for my body and for everything it allows me to do, see, create, feel and be. 

yes..that is me


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