Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why do I love yoga so dang much?

I love thursdays.
You know why? Because I am completely booked monday-wednesday, busy busy all day. Thursday means calming down, enjoying a more chill day, and doing things i randomly want/need to do.
As for today?
I did a major deep clean of my entire side of the room (closet/drawers/desk) & laundry. My room is a billion percent more pleasant to be in now. Theres nothing like a clean, organized room to make ya feel good.

Well, after I was finally done with that somewhat drawn-out task and I was taking in the beauty of my neat space, I felt that familiar urge to do yoga. Strange? not recently:) I guess you can say I've joined the yoga bandwagon.

Ever since I added yoga to my list of weekly gym activities, i've become SUCH a fan! Not only does it make me feel so 'zen'/peaceful and happy, but i've gotten a lot more flexible and have strengthened certain areas I probably would have otherwise neglected. It is seriously THE BEST way to end the day. Especially if you're able to get really calm and focus on your breath and body throughout. (harder than it sounds, especially if you have a rambling mind like mine)

So maybe i'm not quite this good yet:
But maybe someday? All I know is that I always look forward to it and seek out opportunities to do it. I want to try lots of different types, including hot yoga (sounds..interesting)

Well another great week is drawing to a close. Utah is freakishly cold but my little heart is warm and full of happiness and love:) Till next time!


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  1. where do you do yoga?? i LOVE YOGA!! i want to become certified! i would totally do it with you!