Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh hey :) I'm back

Okkaayyy so i slacked kind of a lot since my first two blog posts. But i'm determined this time!

Today, instead of boring you with updating about my life, I'm gonna keep it interesting with a little something we psychologists like to call 'free association'. AKA i'm just gonna write down really random stuff.

First of it just me or does dreaming about someone make you think of them SO MUCH the next day? Sometimes good..sometimes really weird. just gonna leave it at that.

Today I found out that BYU actually DOES have a study abroad program in Greece. its actually in Greece, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, and maybe one or two other places. Cool eh? Too bad its over the summer when i really should go home, work, and chill with my fam. darn.

I really hate raisins except for these limited exceptions:
-in raisin nut bran cereal
- dark chocolate raisinettes
- in specific types of trail mix

I think i want to have a minor. But i have no idea what it should be. Should i go the artsy/music route? Or perhaps the government-y path with a political science or international relations minor? Or better yet, I could actually stick to something that is similar to my major, such as anthro or sociology. But then again i'd totally love to do something having to do with business like marketing or advertising. Sheesh!

I really want to be a kickboxing instructor. I'm talking like..this makes the top 20 things i want list.

I really don't like red meat, cereal, soda, enchiladas, or pickles.

I feel like i have a natural talent for public speaking that i need to pull out of a dusty box in the attic of my mind.

dancing makes me really happy.

people fascinate me. in a whole spectrum of ways.

i have this deep rooted love for owls and i'm not really sure where it came from (see above)

well thats all for now..i think i'll add some more random pictures just for fun on the next post.


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