Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm lovin' Wednesday

I consider myself a girl of eclectic taste. Sometimes I just feel the need to share my odd likes and dislikes with people. Hence the new weekly tradition, what I'm lovin wednesday. Plus, this will force me into blogging at least once a week. (hopefully more right?) anyways, here it goes.

1. Decorated middle eastern animals.

I don't know what it is but there's just something about animals with colorful beads on them. It could be just that it reminds me of my time in India or that my child-like love for playing dress up has recently extended to the entire animal kingdom. Either way I'll probably be one of those people that buys halloween costumes for their cat. (Brittany Wood I'm looking at you)

2. Movies, TV Shows, news reports and Documentaries about Drugs.

Not that I'm at all interested in doing any type of drugs myself, but I find the making, selling, and using of drugs to be really interesting to learn about. Especially since it's been in the news lately. Maybe I should work for the DEA.

3. My Early June playlist

You can only see part of it...but it does include some Jay-Z, Guster, and James Morrison later on :)

4. Couch Surfing & Dreaming of travel

 Okay so I haven't actually tried couch surfing yet. But I like the idea and I've mentally planned out several trips, including Eugene, Charleston, and Morocco. 

5. Peaches

Easily one of the best parts about summer

6. My yamaka frisbee...or the "love-bee"

Everyone loves this thing. We've played hours of frisbee with it just this summer so far. It's cool lookin, it's unique, and it doesn't hurt your hands when you catch it. Plus you can attempt catch it in your mouth without fear of knocking out teeth if you really want to. Trust me, we did it. 

7. That time of day when it's late afternoon and the sun is low and bright and everything is golden and perfect. 

My friend Naresh from India. Wonder if he cares that he's now on my blog.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week! 


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