Thursday, June 28, 2012

Looking back

Here's a little glimpse at the last five years of my life on today's date:

 June 28th, 2008

On our way back from my last year at girls camp. Gosh we are good looking.

Oh and I also had short hair back then!!

June 28th, 2009
 A few weeks after I graduated high school, I decided to do some experimenting with my hair. Although I initially intended to stay blonde, through a series of unfortunate hair colors I ended up with dark brown. I actually really liked it!

June 28th, 2010
I was super busy working during summer 2010 but I did manage to squeeze in some great fun with the fam including a fun camping/rafting trip in West Virginia. Also, as you can tell, I was back to blonde.

 June 28th, 2011

Last year I did a lot of babysitting in the summer. After all of the chalk, bubbles, and swinging in the park I could handle for one day, Ethan, and I decided to make owls out of paper. Can you tell which one is mine?

Well I guess that brings us to today...for which i will just post a series of random things I've been doing the past 24 hours:

Last night was Italian night and, as usual, Sean and Lee had to take things to the next level. So they brought fake mustaches. I tried to work it...but failed.

Sean and Amy were being crazy as usual :)

 Completely broke my shoe on so many levels this morning walking up to campus. I don't have any idea how this happened but it doesn't really seem fixable.

Well there ya have it. I have no clue what life will look like next year..when I've graduated and moved on to life's next adventure.  However, based on the past couple of years...I've got a good streak goin on. Have a lovely thursday!


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