Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm lovin' Wednesday

This week has been flying by..which is totally a good thing because I cannot WAIT to get home to sweet Virginia so I can sleep in my bed, eat fro yo with Brittany, and trash my whole family at nerts. Maybe I'm naive, but 7 months away from home is just too much.

Anyways, you'll be happy to hear that I am living up my last few weeks in Provo...and by living up I mean spending most days in the provo library memorizing poems and people watching.

1. Breaking Bad

I know I know...this is on like every list I've made recently. But this week was the season 5 premiere and it was EPIC. Did anyone else watch it? I also managed to get my friend hooked on it...which I consider a personal victory. As intense and sometimes violent this show is, it is really interesting.  I feel like I've learned a lot about the drug trade...which is something I was completely ignorant about before. I mean, its a huge issue right now. So that's how I justify watching hour upon hour of it. :)

2. Eisley, The XX, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Woodkid, Ella Fitzgerald, and Chairlift.

3. Batman!

So The Dark Knight Rises is coming out this week and I am stoked. To prepare ourselves, a few of us watched The Dark Knight last night and it just reminded me how incredible these movies are. Which brings me to my next point...

4. Has anyone ever noticed how stinkin adorable Morgan Freeman is?

Just look at that bow tie! What a cute lil man. If adopting additional grandfathers was an acceptable thing to do, he'd definitely be top on my list.

5. I had so much fun with my little sister Taylor when she came out to visit me. We went on some painful runs and dangerous hikes, watched hours of Downton Abbey, checked out some of the coolest places in provo, went to a rodeo, spent time with our extended family, and invented 2 new sister handshakes. Pretty sure my abs still hurt from laughing so much. Love you Tay!

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