Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't let me fall

First of all---last night was awesome.

Kickin' it with Iyaz, B.O.B. and Jason Derulo

The concert definitely re-ignited my love for hip hop/ dance- type music and muscular black guys who can dance really well... just sayin.

emma, mikyn, and i
definitely worth humbling ourselves enough to show our faces at UVU ;)

now for part two...

Something today reminded me of all the little random things I really want to do in my life. I feel like everyone should have a list like this. Mine grows and shrinks, gets lost, and completely changes all the time..but i thought it would be interesting to include just a few of my current future aspirations..however trivial they are..just for the fun of it:)

1. Set foot on the BYU football field legally for a legit reason
2. learn how to play harmonica well enough to be able to improvise
3. win an essay contest
4. come within 10 feet of an actual owl in the wild
5. Visit Athens
6. be an extra in a movie
7. go vegetarian for at least 1 month
8. write a song and perform it in from of at least 20 people
9. learn the art of fung shui
10. Be flexible enough to do the splits all 3 ways
11. Complete a triathlon
12. learn how to back flip on the trampoline
13. participate in a humanitarian project
And now I will leave you with some B.O.B. lyrics

If you asked me whats on my mind you probably won’t believe it
Cause if life was one big pool I’d be in the deep end
So I play my role and never ever speak it
Like a secret
And all the while you just just to figure me out
But you can’t see past my shades


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