Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indian food: 1 Kelly: 0

Happy Sunday!

So, last night was a fun adventure. We got all dressed up and headed out to India palace. I was pretty excited because i had never been to an indian food restaurant before..and was not very any means. You know, looking back, I should have probably been a little cautious about that. But no, I went for it and got this spicy chicken curry with pineapple and all sorts of other weird stuff. Indians use so many spices! It was really really tasty despite how overwhelming the flavor was. seriously, if anyone loves indian food i recommend India palace on center street in provo. yum. Well everything was good until I came home. Lets just say, the indian food was only temporarily in my stomach...i guess even more temporarily than it usually would be. Well, needless to say, it might be a little while before i dive right into another bowl of curry. I'm not even really sure why that all happened. But, I still had fun and am glad I went..and despite how upsetting throwing up is, one stick of mint-chocolate gum and watching The Sixth Sense snuggled with my friends later, I was a happy girl once again.

Today is just a lazy, comfy day watching conference again with my roomies + ashley. I'm thinking I should savor this feeling before the busy busy week ahead (2 tests and a paper).

By the way, good luck to Michael who is performing with his acapella group for parents weekend today. Wish I could be there!

You know you wish you were here :)

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