Wednesday, October 6, 2010

oh the things I do for endorphins

I love exercise. Its fun and empowering and makes people feel and look good. This is nothing new..i've appreciated it for pretty much my whole life and always attempt to incorporate it into my schedule as much as I can. However, over the past 24 hours, I've experienced some pretty new stuff that I can't say I've really dealt with before.

Fitness adventure part one: yoga

Call me crazy, but before tuesday night at 9:00 I had never been to a yoga class. Sure, I'd done plenty of tapes/ DVDs and I may have done a few moves at various dance classes, but i'd never actually attended a legit yoga class. What made me decide to attend one the other night, i'm not really sure...but I arrived at the gym without much of a plan, saw happy-looking people walking into the group fitness room and decided that I should probably join in.

At first, I thought I blended in pretty nicely. I was wearing similar workout clothes as the other people in the class, I quickly took off my shoes before anyone noticed I was the only one wearing them, I even got lucky and found where they kept the mats without looking totally clueless. But, as we got started, it became pretty apparent to me the differences between 'regulars' and me, the epitome of beginner. Maybe it was the instructor's voice. I seemed to be the only one who thought it was funny. Or maybe it was my horrendous flexibility. I mean it was bad. It was probably just the fact that, while everyone else looked calm and peaceful, I looked like i was being forced into some kind of sadistic game of twister.

I think it was this pose that really got me. I mean look at it!

Okay okay, so I wasn't really THAT horrible. With time, I got used to the funky poses, my flexibility got better, and i got used to Angie's silly hypnotist voice. Not only that, but I actually started to like it. I mean I was truly enjoying it. As pitiful as I must have looked to everyone else, I felt graceful and more in tune with my body. Enough to say that my first yoga experience was a good one, and I'd go back tonight if I could! For all those out there afraid of yoga like I kind of was, give it a might surprise yourself at how much you love it.

Fitness Adventure Part Two: Early Morning Spin
After my positive experience with the yoga class, I was determined to go to that spin class I'd been wanting to go to. I went to spin classes that I loved all summer and couldn't wait to get back at the new gym. only problem? The class starts at 6:00 AM. Now, the ones I went to back home started at 5:30 so its not like the getting up early was the hard part. It wasn't even the fact that spin classes really wear you out. No, what was holding me back from going was the fact that I have to ride my bike over there..and as you know, its still pitch black at 5:45 when I'd be heading over. However, like I said, I felt empowered. If I could fold my body into a pretzel and hold it for 3 minutes, I could make the trip over in the dark super early.

So, I went to bed a little early last night, laid out the clothes i wanted to wear, and set my alarm. I'll admit, when the alarm went off, I seriously considered going back to sleep. But something made me just get up and do it despite the fact that I could barely think. When I started to head out the door, I noticed something. Is that BYU being obsessive about the grass again or is it....nope. it was raining. Not wimpy rain either. Legit umbrella-worthy rain. I think this is the part where not being able to think straight kinda came to my advantage. I decided to just go for it. I wiped off my soaking wet bike seat..hopped on and headed out.

I guess I had expected it, but I didn't really realize until then just how dark it really is at 5:45. All of the streets looked kinda like this:

You're probably thinking..."wow I can't even really tell what that picture is of." I think I've made my point.

I had a bike light thing but it was no match for the cloudy, rainy, barely-lit streets I was biking through. I was pretty cautious, but decided that I'd already started out and turning back would just lead to regret. Just as I got over my initial fear and allowed my mind to wander to other things, something very unfortunate happened. Out of nowhere, a huge trash can just appeared right in front of me. ( it didn't really appear...i just couldn't see it until i was right in front of it). Anyways, I attempted to swerve a little bit..but I ended up completely side-swiping the whole thing..causing a very loud noise and a heck of a lot of pain in my poor little crushed fingers that had been out on the handlebars. Rattled and a whole lot more awake than I had been seconds before, I told myself to breathe and to do everything in my power not to think of scary movies or crazy things you hear on the news. Seriously, that never helps.

Well, needless to say, I finally made it to my class, soaking wet and a little freaked out. But luckily, it was totally worth it. I was really surprised at how many other early-morning cyclists were at the class..the room was jam-packed. All-in-all, another positive experience.

I guess you could probably pity me right now for being so dedicated, yet so pathetic at my recent fitness endeavors. But whats life without a little adventure? Plus, now I have cool stories to tell people later and TWO new classes that i'm going to enjoy going to in the near future. Life is good.

Till Next time!



  1. Kelly you are such a great writer! Your posts are so descriptive and entertaining. Good for you riding your bike through the black rain to go to that spin class! I could use some of your determination... haha :)

  2. 1. Yoga is evil (on the same level as curry).
    2. You've got mushu!
    3. Thanks for another entertaining read.
    4. Love the choice of pics. Owls esp.
    5. I love you!