Monday, October 4, 2010

Dream Jobs on a Rainy Day

Rainy Monday in Provo Utah...
It's often days like today when I think of things I'd rather be doing instead of studying and writing papers. Sometimes my mind drifts to the beach or somewhere relaxing like that. Sometimes i simply fantasize about what i wish i could be studying/writing about instead. When you really think about kinda stinks that we all have to go to work or to school almost every day and subject ourselves to things we don't really want to do. sure we get money for it..or knowledge or whatever..but wouldn't it be cool if we could all do what we want AND get paid for it? Well, for that reason I'm about to blow your mind with my list of dream jobs. No worries..these are pretty much all semi-realistic. Whether or not i actually obtain one of them is still to be seen..

1. book organizer/customer helper at quaint book store

Okay so yes I am revealing a little bit of a nerdy side. But don't you think it would be fun to just flip through books all day, be super friendly to happy little book worms who come in, and discover books that I wouldn't have otherwise? Sounds awesome to me!

2. Any type of job at Great Harvest Bread Co.

So maybe this job would be terrible for my waistline. But their bread is SO good. And it seems like you could learn some cool bread making skills. Plus, its relatively small and cute and probably smells so dang good all the time.

3. Actor who only plays dead people

I know this sounds totally weird, but hear me out. I'm terrible at acting..but I think it would be totally fun to be in a movie. If i played someone who died, all I'd have to do is lay there with cool makeup on. Plus I'd get paid to do it, meet famous people, and get to see myself in a movie. Heck, depending on the plot, I could end up being a main character without even really doing anything.

4. Cake Decorator

Although this job could get pretty hectic and even stressful sometimes with demanding clients and deficits in creative juices, but i think it would be so fun to design/make cool cakes of different shapes/colors/designs. It seems like there are limitless possibilities to the types you could make. (and get paid for it)

5. kickboxing instructor

I've always loved kickboxing so much and I think it would be really fun to have a class to teach even just at a local gym. Its fun and totally stress relieving and great exercise. Plus I always feel so B.A. and I know other people would love it too.

6. Room Designer at Ikea

Ikea is just about the coolest place ever. Plus I love design and furniture and stuff like that. It would be so fun coming up with new ways to arrange the display rooms in Ikea and using all of their cool modern stuff. Seems like it would be so fun and i'd probably end up with such a cool house of my own with all that practice!

7. Travel Blogger

well, as you know, I totally love blogging. some people actually get paid to blog about their vacations around the world. if that's not a win win situation i have no clue what is! There are so many places I'd love to go..and if I could write about them and get paid to go there..I'd be such a happy girl.

Well, i'm currently an unemployed student. But there are tons of cool jobs I'd love to have in my future. Maybe if I could at least achieve one of these, i'd be pretty content. I guess you have to have something to motivate you to do well in school. Till next time :)


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  1. Hmmmm, none of these jobs seem to require a college education .... so why am I paying tuition exactly? HA HA JK! Love ya PB&K!